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Many companies experience difficulty in monitoring and managing their vehicles. This prevents them from taking advantage of the significant financial benefits offered by proper fleet management. In order to maximize your fleet’s efficiency, you need to know all the parts of the equation.

SOTERSAT gives this information. It makes you conscious of all the problems and possibilities concerning times of arrival, driving behavior and mileage.

Our web-application offers you real-time information on your fleet.

Over the past few years SOTERSAT has proved to be a reliable partner in GPS based fleet management. We have a young and creative team and tailor our GPS tracking system to your fleet management needs. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding personal attention and flexibility. So challenge us with your questions! One of our account managers can provide you with an honest, smart and fitting answer to your fleet management questions and needs.

A summary of all our Track & Trace options:

  • Automatically generated daily, weekly or monthly summaries fit for fiscal reports
  • Real-time tracking providing insight into the movements of your vehicles
  • Distinction between private and business use
  • Monitor driving behaviour of your employees (distances travelled and speeds)
  • Alert messages per SMS and email
  • Geofence alert when your vehicle leaves a designated area
  • Total digital fleet management and administration
  • Minimum 99% server uptime
  • Your business data is safe and secure

How it works

SOTERSAT Track & Trace system is installed in your vehicles by our own technicians. Our systems include a SIM card which transmits all information to you through our servers.

Once installed, you will be able to monitor all your vehicles through the personal web-application. Our latest technology and energy efficient servers work 24/7 and ensure that all your data is stored safely while providing direct insight into your information. Every route, distance and movement by your vehicles is stored in a comprehensive manner and translated into reports that are fit for fiscal reporting. With your web-application you will be able to to monitor your fleet entirely and make changes on the fly. The Track & Trace system is also fitted with alerts that signal you immediately on your mobile. The web-application offers you the option to monitor your employees’ driving behavior by registering speeds, distances traveled and routes taken. The usage monitoring of the vehicles and thus time-sheet of your employees (log-in and log-out time) are also available through the web-application.




We do installations at your location by our experienced team.
Our Track & Trace system can be installed in any vehicle, regardless of age, type or brand and it is completely concealed after installation.
Our system is installed easily within an hour and you can be on your way.

iPhone and Android Apps

SOTERSAT is constantly improving its services and has recently released its own iPhone App. It is available as a free download in the App store. Our App enables all SOTERSAT customers to use their iPhone to monitor their fleet . Your personal log-in codes give you insight into whether the drive is for private or business purposes.

Download our Android App here and install it in your phone. iPhone app also is available in AppStore free-of-charge.



Group cars and give limited access to others

Our web-application enables you to group your fleet based on any criteria you want depending on your needs. You can give different users certain permissions so that they can see only the vehicles they suppose to see. Complete flexibility and full control which is not available in most of our competitors



Tieleman en Drosweg 15, 2314 XW Leiden, the Netherlands

email: info@sotersat.com

Tel: +31(0)708912591

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