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Working environment is no longer limited inside office buildings and in almost all sectors companies have personnel outside the office performing important tasks. Your ability to know the progress of the work outside office should be effortless and immediate. With Sotersat Track & Trace system this is not an issue anymore.



Transport sector is very competitive and customer demands are increasing everyday for a better service and to know more about the status of their delivery. Having full visibility on transit times and and actual location of your trucks with Sotersat gives you the edge you need to differentiate from your competition. With Sotersat you can also have optional temperature, door, fuel and weight sensors to protect your company benefits and assets eliminating abuse or theft.

Monitoring your vehicles allows you to track where the vehicle is, the behavior of the staff and if the route is being carried out according to plan and to create alerts when certain rules are not being followed with stop times, driving times etc. The system can also monitor their drivability, like maximum speed, sudden braking, engine revs, consumption etc. Real-tracking must be combined with effective reporting capabilities as you cannot look at all your cars all the time. With Sotersat Track & Trace system, event and time based reporting gives you 24/7 insight of what is happening giving you focus on important things. We do know how valuable time is…


Safety is the prime concern in every security company. You provide it to your clients and you want your employees to have it when they conduct their jobs. The SOTERSAT Track & Trace system enables you to provide safety for your employees. A system installed in the car pinpoints the position of the car so that you can know the whereabouts of your employee. Your people can be assured that someone is always watching their backs.

The Track & Trace system furthermore enables you to know if appointments are met in a timely fashion. It provides input in order to optimize your surveillance process. It is our belief that an efficient and modern security firm cannot do without a comprehensive Track & Trace system.



Staffing industry

The growing number of employment agencies in the Netherlands has made the employment business a highly competitive one. It also puts high demands on your company. Housing and transportation are important matters to your business as they strengthen ties with job seekers and the market. Employment agencies are therefore becoming increasingly mobile and are starting to build or expand their fleets.

This makes it even more important for your company to have an easy to use monitoring tool for managing their fleet.

Monitoring your fleet with SOTERSAT allows you to track and trace your vehicles automatically, register the trips and generate fiscal reporting, see current location and get driving behavior information. Recently SOTERSAT also introduced scheduler functionality to know if your employees going to be late before they are late…

In a highly competitive market it is of utmost importance that organisations offer their clients a total package. In this offering low prices is of equal importance to minimized internal costs. SOTERSAT Track & Trace allows you closely manage your fleet while keeping costs low.


Lease companies today offer consumers a great variety of choice in prices, vehicles, brands and services. Leasing is without a doubt highly competitive branch and it takes a lot of effort in terms of service and innovation for a company to stand out. SOTERSAT Track & Trace brings innovation and extra service to the game so your company can beat the competition. In equipping your fleet with Track & Trace you are able to manage processes, tasks and events, such as routine and scheduled maintenance, tax and insurance due dates and driver/client management.

Our Track and Trace system allows you to send a timely personal or automatic service message to a client concerning routine or scheduled maintenance and lease mileage. This means extra service and care for your customers as well as comprehensive fleet management. Track & Trace can also be offered as an additional option for clients and added to the lease price.




Over the past few years theft has become a serious concern for boat owners. As a boat owner you cannot permanently keep an eye on your asset. You do not always have the luxury of a harbor or storage facility in the direct vicinity and bad weather conditions or other reasons can cause lengthy periods of absence for boat owners. In those cases it is comforting to know that your boat is safe and in the right place. If your boat is moved without your permission, you will immediately receive an alert through SMS, allowing you to take action. Using the web application that we supply you are able to log in and check on your boat at any time and any where. Whether it is 4 o’clock in the morning 4 o’clock in the afternoon, whether you are at home, on the road or on a holiday, with SOTERSAT “Smart-Log” Track & Trace your asset will be safe and sound.