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It is often not possible to know where your container shipment is until it reaches final destination or you have to make many phone calls to find out if you want to know sooner. Even trailors which are parked somewhere can be difficult to locate. Tracking is usually a problem in assets where there is no electric power supply, but not anymore. Our AssetTracker will allow you to track your asset without need of power supply for upto 3 years with daily location updates. Through the personal webapplication and iPhone app you are able to use the tracking system that gives updates concerning the movement of your assets. AssetTracker offers reports on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

  • Automatic daily location updates of your asset
  • Automatically generated daily, weekly or monthly reports
  • Free webapplication with updates
  • Upto 3 year battery life
  • Geofence alert when your asset leaves a designated area
  • Authorization levels in webapplication for your employees

Economic solution for your asset administration


Automatic registration of locations


Geofence alert when your asset leaves an area


Movement alert when your asset starts moving


European/World coverage without hidden costs


Daily location updates


Battery upto 3 years