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The ultimate tracking system using IRIDIUM Satellite communication network. If you want an economical solution for your vehicle, Truck, Motorboat or Yacht in places outside coverage of GSM Network, this is the solution you should have. Iridiums unmatched data network with 66 satellites provides coverage whether you are in the Poles or in a desert.

  • Global coverage with Iridium Satellite Network
  • Automatic registration of distances travelled
  • Automatically generated daily, weekly or monthly reports
  • Advanced options and alerts with sensors and switch connectivity
  • Free webapplication with updates
  • Geofence alert when the vehicle leaves or enters a designated area
  • Authorization levels for your employees to use the web application
  • Time/distance based tracking
  • Optional Pay per use data usage

Global coverage


Automatic registration of distances traveled


Geofence alert when your vehicle leaves a designated area


Sensor and timebased alerts


No surprises with hidden costs