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Signal Green gives peace of mind and safety

With a Signal Green bracelet you can detect if the user falls or wanders outside the safe zone. In case of these events the care giver can get notification and provide the user help quickly.

Signal Green

  • Provides the exact location of the user
  • Fall detection and sending an alarm in case of fall
  • Provides the user an alarm button to request help
  • Personal configuration possibility to balance privacy and safety
  • Monitor specific locations

Family and care givers can track the user in real-time on every place in the building and even in the outside premises.

Extra options for the care institutions to analyse the data and provide;

  • Reduction of falling incidents by identifying the danger zones and taking precautions in such places
  • Reduction of search time of the user
  • Optimisation possibility of the work processes. A night guards route can be optimized by using the tracking data

Signal Green gives peace of mind and safety

By putting a small Signal Green tracker with your valuable assets you can locate your inventory inside and outside of you premises.

Signal Green

  • Zero search time to locate your assets
  • Reduce loss of inventory items by getting an alarm in case the item is taken outside the authorized area
  • Everything in the right place by identifying misplaced items and putting them where they belong. For example, wheel chairs might be placed in a wrong location.
  • Maximum efficiency by identifying the real use amount and reduce your cost of inventory
  • Monitor access of users into specific locations
  • Receive notifications from your assets for example battery level etc.

Important features of Signal Green

  • It can be used in big or small buildings
  • Easy to install and can be operational in one day
  • You can see in any computer or iPad where the users are located.
  • Combines and replaces several functionalities that are in the market into one system; alarm button, fall detection, tracking, monitoring of dangerous times of the day and places.
  • Long battery life of Signal Green products where the user device lasts 5 days without charging
  • Easy to use and low cost.

Where is Signal Green used?

  • Hospitals and mental health institutes
  • Elderly care
  • For people with Alzheimer and dementia
  • Replacement of bed alarm systems, alarm buttons, fall detection and tracking (wander detection)